Monday, March 14, 2011

The World in Flames

He was outside again. The Slender Man. I don't know why I did it, maybe my mind was still under the pills' influence, but when I saw Him standing out there, I went outside. I walked right toward Him and stopped about a meter or two away from Him. And I asked Him a simple question: "What do you want?"

Of course, He didn't say anything. I don't know if I expected Him too, but He moved. He lifted His arm, and I just stood there and watched as His hand melted away, revealing tendrils of complete blackness crawling forth from His body. They stretched out toward me, and their tips settled on my forehead. They were cold to the touch, and my skin felt stiff wherever they made contact, and suddenly I wasn't standing in my front yard anymore.

I was in a great city, under a black sky. All around me, buildings crumbled and fell as flames engulfed them. Ash fell from the sky, covering everything the flames did not. Before my eyes, Gas Mask floated down from the heavens to stand before me, and I swear he was smiling under that mask. I looked up to see where he had come from, and I saw nothing. Oh, I felt something. I felt eyes watching me. I felt wings flapping in the skies. I felt a presence, concentrated in the world above, but at the same time lingering all around me. I looked up into that great empty void, and a single thought filled my mind:


And then I was lying in my bed, as if I had awoken from some dream. I sat up, and I looked out my window, just in time to see Slender Man fade away into the night. And standing in front of His retreating form, I saw myself. My body crumpled when His tendrils left my skin, and I seemed to just sink into the grass below.


  1. Oh, so you're a Slenderproxy now. I will find you, kill you, and eat you