Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Fine

I visited a shrink today. Told him everything. He didn't believe me, though. No one ever believes me. Showed him the video. He didn't see my name. No one sees my name.

He gave me pills. Said they would help. I took them. They help.

No one ever gives me things anymore. No one wants to be around me. I don't think I understand people very well. I make them scared and uncomfortable, or maybe they make me scared and uncomfortable, so we never get along.

All my friends left and went away so no one ever wanst to be my friend anymore. That makes me sad. I don't like to be sad. I like to be happy. Do you like to be sad? The pills keep the sad away. I like the pills.

I don't think I care anymore. I don't care that I don't have any friends. Sometimes when I'm lying in my bed I hug a pillow and pretend I'm hugging someone. I never hug people. I don't get along with people very well. But I don't care anymore.

I don't care that I'm alone. I don't care that even my family thinks I'm weird. I don't care that theres been another murder. I don't care that people think I'm crazy. I don't care that I have to take these pills. I don't care that an empty face is in the window. I don't care about the video. I don't care that Hes watching me.

I don't care.

I feel fine.


  1. I saw your name.

    I don't know what it is, but i think we must have some kind of connection.

    -An Anonymous Fox

  2. Where was the Slender Man? I will track him down and kill him!