Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Slender Man

Whatever it was the doctor gave me, it really messed me up. I don't even remember typing out that post last night. But there's something in it that really bugs me. What is the empty face?

I've been doing some research. Went to Google, looked for men in suits, stalking, "empty face", stuff like that. Anyway, I came across another stuff about a so called "Slender Man", some kind of creature that looks like a man in a business suit, but with no face, who stalks people, drives them mad, tears out their intestines...

It all sounds like a bad horror story, but I'm not so sure. Is that what's happening to me? That video mentioned a "GroƟmann"-- "Tall Man", along with an image of what these blogs and articles refer to as an "operator symbol"; His symbol. As crazy as it sounds, I think it's real. And whatever the Slender Man is, it's following me.

One thing I don't understand: what is the Archangel? I remember one of the blogs I found where the Slender Man was referred to as "the angel of death"-- are they the same thing? Is it just another name?

Too many questions. Not enough answers.

I'm scared.

I need to take my medicine.

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