Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is Ash Wednesday, and my mom insisted that I meet her at church to get ashes on my forehead. So after mass, I drove home, and that's when my head started throbbing again. This was different from the last few times though. The pain was more intense, and I had trouble concentrating. I was seriously afraid that I would black out at any moment and get into a crash.

Anyway, there's this playground near my house, and I was I was passing it-- going real slow and careful-- I noticed a weird man there. He was wearing a business suit, and he was just standing there. Children were running all around him, but he seemed completely unfazed. I couldn't get a good look at his face, but I swear to God he was watching my car.

The headache was starting to let up when I got home, but for some reason that guy in the suit had me terrified. I called up the police, and I tried to tell them everything. The guy in the suit, that fucked up video, even the Gas Mask dude. I told them I was being followed, but I'm not sure if they actually believed me.

Fucking cops. Isn't it their job to look into stuff like this? How could they just brush me off like that?

Anyway, about an hour later, these two government types show up at my house. Introduced themselves as being part of some weird organization with a name I can't remember. SMC? MSM? ...SnM? I don't know. They asked me a few questions about the suit and the video and Gas Mask. I answered as best I could, and offered to show them the video, but they just shook their heads and told me they wouldn't see what I saw. The fuck does that mean? My name is right there in the video!

They just left, and my parents are concerned. They offered to find me a psychiatrist, since those agents said I may be suffering from paranoia.

Maybe I am just paranoid. Ever since those murders started, I've been jumping at everything.

Actually, come to think of it, it's only been since the headaches started...

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