Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(C) Still Being Followed

So, after we saw that post Archangel left on this blog, we hightailed it out of that hotel and have been on the road since. We just now came to a stop at a new motel somewhere in... I think we're in Tennessee now.

Look, is it just me, or is Joey kind of a prude? He's really shy and shit about a lot of things. Dude, we share a room, a car, and a life: I am not going to be traumatized by the sight of your penis. Also, I don't need you giving me those disapproving looks every time you see me with a cigarette.

I'll admit it, OK: I fucked up with the beer thing. I didn't stop to think that Joey might not appreciate any mind-altering substances after the whole pill thing. I'm sorry, Joey. I know that not remembering what you did the other night and waking up with a headache terrifies you, but trust me when I say that nothing bad happened. Basically, you just complained about Slender Man and Archangel, started muttering about pieces and faces again, then you groped me and tried to kiss me, then you threw up on my lap and passed out. Considering the things I've done while drunk, it was actually pretty tame.

But once again, I'm sorry. I didn't think.



  1. Alcohol is still better than those freaky pills. Best of luck to you both.

    Hobey ho.

  2. Of course you're still being followed.

    It's not as if they don't know where you're going, judging by that track record.

  3. Allan has a point. These guys are persistent, whoever they are.