Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(C) Joey's Sleeping

This is Crystal. Joey's asleep right now. Or rather, he's passed out.

As I guess you already figured out, he found some pills in the bathroom of this hotel room and took them. As soon as he did, he started acting weird, like everything was completely alright. He even kept telling me not to worry: "if they kill us, they kill us. That's just how it is."

Eventually, he tried to get me to take some of the pills, and when I refused he tried to force some down my throat. I managed to stop him and get the pills away, and then he started screaming and ranting at me. Most of it was nonsense, but a couple phrases kept being repeated: "his face", "we are all the pieces", and "they are eternal". Then he just fell over and passed out on the bed. I don't know what happened. So I took the pills and dumped them all down the toilet.

Shit, I don't know what the hell those pills are, but they aren't natural. I'm pretty sure they were the same ones he was taking before I met him. They can cause addiction after just a few uses, and then get your body dependent on them so much that you go into withdrawal after a couple hours without a dose. That's not normal no matter how you slice it. Trust me, I'd know.


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