Wednesday, April 17, 1991


I breathe. Fluid fills my lungs, and yet I breathe it in.

I jerk. I spasm. My body desires freedom from the darkness. Like all beings, I am drawn to the light. It feels as though the very world is pushing me away. Everything I have ever known rejects me. The warmth gives me to the cold.

It is cramped here, where I am now. I can barely move through these corridors. My head feels as though it will be crushed at any moment.

A face. His face. He smiles at me. He urges me forward. He calls out to me. His pale face looks down at me, and I know I have a purpose.

And then I am in the light. My last connection to that world before falls away. The face is gone. From my sight. From my mind. From my memories.

Life goes on.

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